Glad To Have Everything..


Some words are left unsaid, some feelings are left unshared, some moments are left unlived because some things can only be felt, and to feel those things we need a true heart. It depends on us how we perceive things. Sometimes things are as clear as water but we just don’t seem to look through it. And then comes a time when destiny plays its role.

One day a boy realized what he is trying to find outside is already within. He never tried to understand the what a precious thing he’s having. He was trying to find true love outside not realizing that he always had it right from his childhood but never felt it. Life starts from inside only then we can start living it from outside.

So, he left a letter to his mom telling her that he has realized the mistake he has been making for so long.


Just like this boy every person in this world wants love and understanding. But one thing that we should learn from this boy’s mistake is that never ever ignore or neglect what you already have in finding a better option. Just believe in God, he’ll give you what is best for you. So just respect and cherish what you have.

Learn to love the things you already have. That’s how you’ll truly know the meaning of life. Love means giving not expecting or asking for anything in return. True love itself is comprised of determination and sheer enthusiasm. When we truly love someone we just do things selflessly for them just to make them happy and satisfied. Love is like water that is needed to stay alive and that also washes off our bad deeds. it is as important as need to live as well as to give. Just like us everyone needs water to live. So, share love as much as you can as sharing will increase its quality and quantity and love one another and respect each other so that each day before going to sleep you could proudly say that I’m glad to have everything..


Let The Child Live Inside You..

Right from the time when we first started to walk to the time when we made our own decisions, we have passed through time when we learned to get up after falling down. Falling in life helps us to grow the inner strength. Remember the time when we used to crawl in the childhood. Crawling here and there on the floor with nothing in our mind except that one unknown thing that we wanted to find that will make us happy. You know what we learn from this? “never stop, keep moving until you find what makes you satisfied and happy”. I think the quote “never give up” must’ve been derived from these childhood incidents.  Then there’s a time when we discovered almost everything that made us happy by crawling and then we just find another way to find something new, something amazing. That’s the time we took a chance and gathered all our energy and courage to stood up and walk, In the beginning our feet felt uneasiness to bear the pressure of our upper body but as the time passed we developed the habit of it and accepted the change from crawling to walking. We walked here and there to find anything that made us happy. So, what lesson did we learn from this? In life, we have to accept the changes as it is for the good and betterment of our own. We just have to let the will in our heart stay longer enough and understand that bearing some pain and making efforts again and again will give us the desired results.

Life is not only about crawling or walking but much more than that. When we first learned to walk, we fell down so many times but still gathered all our courage and stood up again. As I said life is more than just crawling and walking, we do this till the day of our fate comes. Concept of life will always remain the same but the only thing that’ll change is the method and intention.

So far we’ve learned so many strong lessons from the child who never gave up until he got what he wanted. You know what, growing up makes us forget most of the time? the child which we once were. The child which we forgot by telling ourselves that being childish will not work out. Just remember that it was the very same child who never gave up until he found what he wanted, that was the child who taught himself the lesson to make a change to stand up and walk, that was the child who made us learn not to give up even if we fall again and again.

Never ever let the child die inside you because that’s the child who taught us to be curious and courageous. Whenever the feeling of giving up comes to your mind just remember the days when you started walking and ask yourself if I had feared of falling down I could have never stand again. Never let the maturity conquer your child as maturity can help in choosing the right path but the immaturity of not fearing, not giving up will only come from the child inside you.

Remember, people who keep moving no matter what happens will always find a way through tough times and make a way to success as they have the courage to stand up even after falling and have the strength of never giving up in life.


What is hope? Any magic or miracle. It`s not so difficult to understand the depth of this word. Actually people nowadays find it in materialistic things or in other person`s actions. If we concentrate on our deeds and intentions then it would be easy for us to find hope. Our actions or our way of thinking tells how much we`ll gonna need hope in future. Hope is needed in life when we face certain problems in which we don`t have anything to do or act to.

Hope comes to those who have a positive way of thinking not the one who just create the situation difficult to understand for themselves. Someone has said “think before you speak” this is the point where we have to take the right decision which’ll decide how much dependency we`ll need in future for hope. Not only words but actions should be judged by ourselves in our mind before taking any decision.

Hope is needed in various stages of our life, like a fight between life and death in the ICU or OT in the hospital, when we did something without thinking about it’s consequences or results, it is needed in our mind when we have a battle between right or wrong, when we make a wish and hopes for it’s fulfillment.

Sometimes in life we think that everything has come to an end then suddenly a miracle happens and changes our life, may be luck has played it’s role a little bit with the company of hope. Hope arises in mind and life when we choose to go against the flow, when we decide that there is something more which could be done, there’s a chance left and we take the chance and hope for the best results.

The people who are hopeless and depressed because of their tough life conditions shouldn’t lose hope. Life is a bundle of chances, we only have to pick up the right packet of chance and use it on the right time. Hopelessness is nothing but the feeling that comes in our mind when we are unable to see the good in a bad. It’s not that easy for everyone to see good in bad because a positive state of mind is required in it. Just focus on the things that makes us happy or relaxed. Doing those things will gradually change the state of mind. Whenever a thought like “ there’s nothing left in my life” comes in mind remember this line “ life is all about a second chance”. Then you’ll see a ray of light (i.e. hope) coming into your life. Use that light to see the good in bad and boost up yourself with confidence and faith. From this point you’ll come to know on which path you have to walk and how. Know your limitations, overcome them, do your “karma” with full dedication and enthusiasm. Results will come in your favor one day and the sun will shine for you that day.

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